A World of Your Own

love yourself darling, 
keep yourself going 
keep yourself strong 
don't let the world bring you down in the midst of all its misery, 
for we all know this world doesn't stop spinning for anyone 
so build a world of your own
a world filled with you 
your misery 
your love stories 
your failures 
your dreams 
your bliss
engulfed in all of your vulnerability 
fill it with oceans full of all your glory
skies baring the sun of which reflect your resiliency 
sky scrapers so tall and full of strength, 
as you are 
trees that bear trunks covered in your scars and breakthroughs  
a world of which not a single soul can destroy 
one that's always there - 
even when it's chaotic.  
for your own comfort 
and when you've built your world 
allow no one to disrupt it
your blood 
your sweat 
your tears 

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    :) (Wednesday, 26 December 2018 22:54)

    hi wholesome queen i hope you're doing well, and may allah swt grant you ease, shifaa, and everything else you need to become the best version of yourself in this life and the next ! may He make it easy for you to cultivate your passions, endlessly create yourself, be genuine and intentful, and be unapologetically ~you~

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    Lana (Friday, 28 December 2018)

    Your words being hope to those who need it and a life where prospererity is an action rather than a concept. Love it!