A Living History Book

Meet Ghazala and Haleema. 


Living, breathing history books. Older than Israel. Forced to live through occupation post 1948. 

Two beautiful souls. Wrinkles serving as story lines, a monumental map securing the history of the motherland. 

Eyes that have captured it all; occupation, seige, war. 

Hearts that have managed to love and to be kind through it all - inspite of the loads of loss and pain.

Two out of several, endless, ethreal souls that keep our grounds stable. Even when the bombs are shaking it, with the intentions of destruction, on the other side.

They stand firm.


Two souls that continue to manifest the fact that; we exist.

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    Louie Soul Sis (Tuesday, 11 June 2019 16:40)

    Dearest Ayah,

    I'm so happy to see you expressing yourself in this medium. Your photography, words, and art are so gloriously you and it's such a delight to witness your creations <3
    "Older than Israel... They stand firm" your words are haunting, my friend and I can't wait to hear more <3 I love you!