Coffee Spills - Intro

There’s something about the smell of the coffee beans that reaches you before you’re even able to open the door, the subtle chatter and laugh all around. The ambient noise is intriguing, allowing one to swiftly adjust into the needed mindset. Their unique structures; a piece of the owners always somehow intertwined within the space. The most vivid and cherished memories of my college years are to be found hidden in the crevices of coffee shops of which I spent all of my time. And still, even today, they're a place I find myself falling back on with everything - whether it be in taking time for myself or sharing a cup of coffee with my favorite people. A home; a safe haven; a creative outlet; an area to study; to catch up with loved ones; and to simply create magic...all things I have always managed to find within the coffee houses I've visited. (Photo: Sonder Coffee & Tea)


Considering the fact that I come from Palestinian descent, and Arabs are known to be coffee fanatics by nature, it should be no surprise that I am a coffee enthusiast, myself. In fact, I have always held the dream of establishing my very own coffee shop, and I will bring myself to do so - one day, soon. 


Welcome to my coffee spills. A place where I will be sharing my love for coffee and reviewing all the different kinds of coffee shops I enjoy and why - in Colorado, and throughout the world. I hope you come to build a love and appreciation for coffee as I have, and that this brings you to better appreciate coffee shops, their owners, and the coffee itself. 

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