Hillside Coffee

While on a spontaneous trip to El Paso this past weekend, my cousins, knowing my obsession with coffee, took me to this cute little coffee shop. As some of you may know, my favorite cup of coffee is hands down a Vanilla Latte. However, I decided to go with a change in flavor and chose a hazlenut latter, instead.... which was phenomenal.


In my opinion, lattes aren't meant to be too sweet. Having the right amount flavor in terms of syrup is key. If it's too sweet, it's not a latte, honey. But this hazlenut latte had just the right amount of flavor, the exact amount of sugar needed, and the expresso was kickin' just right. I wasn't able to try any this time, but they also had really cute donuts that looked amazing.


The baristas were absolutely adorable and incredibly sweet. I hate nothing more than entering a beautiful coffee shop just to deal with employees who don't represent the space, but these two were wonderful. 


Finally, the space was stunning. It was mellow with just the right volume and vibe of music. It was spacious with high ceilings (which I LOVE), and had different spaces like a long bar for individual work, a spacious table for meetings and gatherings, and cute couches for chill outings with friends. They had plants everywhere, in and outside and if you know me, you know any space filled with plants and flowers will easily become a favorite of mine. As you can see in the photo above, they had several benches and tables outside with different plants, giving you major chill vibes.


I really enjoyed this coffee shop and will definitely be returning everytime I find myself in El Paso. 


Hillside Coffee El Paso, TX

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