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Hello from Spur Coffee!


Drinks: Obviously, a vanilla latte as pictured above. They excel with this, mastering my every need in a latte. I've tried their matcha latte with vanilla, both hot and iced, and they excelled in that as well. However, I forgot to ask for oat milk and vanilla in it the first time I ordered it so I wasn't very fond of it until I decided to give it another try. Another drink of theirs that I highly recommend is their Golden Chai Latte - SO GOOD. I usually don't like ordering chai from many coffee shops because I like it a certain way (more spicy than sweet), but this one was really good.


Food: I've been here several times, yet this was my first time ordering any food from them. They have a wide variety of breakfast and lunch selections, though, and I've seen them serve some really good looking salads! This time I got the avocado toast which was phenomenal, but not phenomenal enough for it to be $11. 


Space: I love it so much! It's one of my favorite places to do work in Denver. This space is so vibrant in such a minimal way. It's spacious enough, with tables scattered all across the place and a really cute outside seating area. It's located near my job, so I've been going twice a week before work and writing. They have greenery all over the place and cute, minimal art pieces as well. And my favorite part, they have a DISCO BALL in the middle of the place. 


Vibes: I've written most of my blog posts here, which goes to show how much of a creative "spur" it brings me. It's a very chill space with really good energy. You'll usually find people reading, journaling or just doing work in general in there which makes it a more appealing space for creatives. The staff is also super sweet, which is always a plus. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to do work, be creative or just chill with some friends. 


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