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Happy Tuesday from Black Eye Coffee! 


Drinks: Suprise, suprise. No vanilla latte today. Nonethless, a matcha latte is always a good idea when you've already had your espresso for the day. Matcha lattes can be pretty bland if you don't order them the right way, or regardless just depending on where you get them from. I usually get a pump of vanilla in mine to add just a hint of sweeteness to it - something I forgot to do today. In that case, the latte didn't necessarily live up to my expectations. Then again, it could be because of the fact that I didn't add the vanilla. I have tried their vanilla latte though, and it was a yes from me! 


Food: While I didn't get to try any, they have delicious looking pastries as well as breakfast and lunch items. 


Space: Super cute and cozy. The interior design is rustic and vintage - two things I live for. They have black and white photography everywhere, always a good idea - especially for those who come to a coffee shop for some creative time. The seating was nice, but a bit uncomfortable for my taste. They do have a long table, so it's suitable for meetings and bigger gatherings. A small, but cute outside seating area too - giving you "looking into your future when you're older and retired" vibes. Imagine sitting with your loved one on the patio with a cup of coffee in your hand, watching cars drive by together as the birds chirp kinda vibes. Needless to say, I really enjoyed the space.


Vibes: Relaxing. It's one of those coffee shops that can be more of a social kind of place, depending on what time you go. However, I came in during the afternoon on a work day while it was busy. It was super mellow and quiet enough for one to do their work without being distracted. The music is subtle too, which is always a plus. Without knowing how to explain it, the environment gives you the kind of energy you need to be creative. It gave me the energy to create two pieces in one sitting, and that rarely happens that says a lot.


Defenitely a coffee shop I recommend for doing school work, being creative, working in general or just spending time alone when you need it. Do you have any coffee shops you think I should try in Colorado, or anywhere in the country? Let me know in the comments! 


Till next time,




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