Amethyst Coffee Company


Hello from Amethyst Coffee!


Drinks: Matcha matcha matcha! They have one of the best matcha latte's I've ever had! I get mine with a pump of vanilla and almond milk here (they don't have oat milk which is the only sad part for me because I prefer oat milk over other kinds). Nonetheless, it's really good! You'll find it to be rich and full of flavor, unlike many other places who make theirs more on the bland side. I've tried it both hot and iced, and it's really good either way. While I've tried their vanilla latte (I mean, obviously), I prefer their matcha latte because it's just that good. For anyone who likes to go to coffee shops and get some real "drinks", they also serve different alcoholic drinks. I couldn't tell you my opinion on those as alcohol is not my forte.


Food: I've never tried any of their food items but I know they provide a variety of pastries as well as breakfast and lunch items. 


Space: An ideal coffee shop, for my taste at least. White walls all around, plants everywhere (real ones, too), and a really cute seating set-up. They have two long, bar type of sitting areas inside, one by the order counter and the other facing the windows, allowing you to watch cars drive by as well as face the outside seating area. They also have a couch area for chill days (pictured above). And several tables all around the place. The outside area is absolutely adorable and really nice for hanging out with friends or just sitting alone, honestly - something I like to do quite often.


Vibes: I love it. I mean, the amethyst is my birthstone so I gravitated towards it even more. The baristas are always super kind; one of them brings me a glass of water every time I'm there (without me asking) which seems like a really small gesture but I think it's so kind. The space has a calming aura in general, and sometimes I find myself there for 3+ hours at a time. I highly recommend it for any kind of plan you have in mind - hanging with a friend, Saturday brunch, working on that one essay you just can't seem to focus on, or some creative, alone time - it's truly a fit-for-all kind of place.


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