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Happy Thursday from Lost Coffee! 


Drinks: Drink of the morning is none other than a vanilla latte, duh! This one was most definitely an A+ in my book. Just a hint of sweetness with the right amount of expresso. I've come to know how my latte is going to taste just by its scent. The more you drink coffee, the easier it becomes to read the flavor (even before you taste it)! The expresso in this one had a scent that overpowered the vanilla. One so strong that it woke me up before I even took my first sip, just how I like it. And THAT is how you do a vanilla latte, people. 


Food: Usually if I'm having breakfast with my coffee and I choose a vanilla latte, I like to even out the sweetness by having something savory. However, they had a smores cookie (pictured on the left) that I could not resist! The perfect dessert for a summer to fall transition. They had a variety of breakfast items ranging from pastries, breakfast burritos, fruit and granola parfaits, etc. 


Space: Modern and simple. It has high ceilings with appealing art and plants around the space. They do have pretty limited seating as it is a smaller space. They have one long table good for meetings and larger gatherings, and the rest of the seating consists of small tables and bar-like seating. It sits on a main street and has windows all around so you see people walking and cars passing by the whole time, something I don't necessarily mind. Overall, I found it to be very cozy.


Vibes: Super chill. I went in around 9 am when it was a bit on the louder/social side of things which was nice for me since I was only in there to journal, anyway. The noise/conversations often give me more inspiration. There's nothing like conversational inspiration for a writer! But again, most coffee shops vary in noise depending on what time you go. There was only one employee there at the time and he was super nice. I love going into coffee shops where the employees match the energy of the place and make you feel welcome. Also, they had women empowerment signs which are ALWAYS a turn on!!!



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