Jubilee Roasting Co.

Hello from Jubilee Roasting Co! 


Drinks: I've gotten several different drinks here. From a classic vanilla latte, to some matcha, all the way to chai - I'd say everything is pretty impressive.This time around, we tried the Kristofferson (left drink pictured above) and the Blondie (right drink pictured above). The Kristofferson is a latte made with brown sugar and almond extract as well as cinnamon. Usually I stick with a vanilla latte because I'm not a big fan of anything too sweet, but this drink was absolutely delightful. You can taste the hints of cinnamon and brown sugar just enough, but they didn't overpower the espresso and original coffee taste - which I love, and definitely give a 10/10. The Blondie is their take on a classic london fog and consisted of earl grey tea, vanilla, oat milk (cause oat milk gang) and a sprig of rosemary to top it off. This drink embodies comfort and is perfect for non-coffee drinkers, or even those of us who've had maybe too much coffee for the day. I give the Blondie an 8/10. 


Space: One of my absolute favorite spaces in all of Colorado. The plant to art ratio is spectacular. I mean, greenery everywhere and I LOVE it. It's pretty spacious and divided, and there's even a nice garden outside that can be enjoyed in the spring and summer time. The windows are encompassed by a garage door vibe, allowing rays of sun to shine through. Also beautiful when it's snowing and raining, for anyone like me who likes the depressing vibes. 


Vibes: Immaculate, to say the least. The baristas are always so kind and vibrant - a trait I'm certain comes with the qualities necessary for being one. I love coming here when it's nice out to catch up with a friend and sit in the garden. But during the weekdays, it's a perfect spot for grinding. It's usually pretty quiet with good music playing at the right level, and everyones always in their zone getting work done. It's definitely in one of my top five for when I know I need to get to work with no distractions. Something about the space screams creativity and gets your creative juices flowing. So much so, I managed to write this blog and post it in one sitting as soon as I shot all the photos I needed. Not to mention, the owners seem pretty awesome and the mission of the shop is one I vibe with; “create well & be good neighbors.” Overall, this place is a 10/10 and a go-to for me. 


Location: 1452 Kenton St, Aurora, CO 80010 

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  • #1

    Riwan Hussein (Tuesday, 16 February 2021 14:24)

    ��� always love these

  • #2

    Hussien (Tuesday, 16 February 2021 18:17)

    Hi Ayah,

    Are you single? I’d love to take you here some time.


  • #3

    Anonymous (Tuesday, 16 February 2021 23:11)

    I don’t even drink coffee, and your coffee blogs make me want some! Love the detailed pictures, too :)

  • #4

    Fathia Mohamed (Friday, 19 February 2021 09:41)

    Love it! Definitely also one of my favorites for all the same reasons you've mentioned.